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Thank you for purchasing our theme. In this document, we provide all kinds of good information with all the details you need to use our theme. We hope you have fun and enjoy working with our theme

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There are minimal requirements to run this product:

Required must have

Besides, need more

After purchase and download we have file themeforest-20396082-themename.zip Continue we need Extract Files i have 3 files 1 theme 2 theme-child 3 documentation

Please, follow the steps below to install Theme.

Watch the video One Click Install Demo

Install by WordPress Theme Manager

This is probably the simplest way for most users. Here are steps you need to take:

  1. Step 1 - Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Step 2 - Go to Appearance > Themes. And then click Add new button, located at the top of the screen or Add new theme (see screenshots below).
  3. Step 3 - Click on Upload button at the top of the screen.
  4. Step 4 - Next, Click Choose File button to browse themename.zip file in locate.
  5. Step 5 - Click Install button and wait a moment.
  6. Note:
    After installing the Main theme, if you want user more child Child theme. Then please continue install child-theme the with the same installation above

  7. Step 6 - After done installing, click Activate to publish the theme.
  8. Step 7 - After activating the theme a notice should appear on the top of the screen, click on link Begin installing plugins ( See screenshots below ).
  9. The theme requires the following plugin: Slider Revolution, ThemesFlat By Themesflat.com, Elementor Page Builder, and recommends the following plugins: Contact Form 7MailChimp for WordPress,  

  10. Step 8 - After install plugins, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins, check all the plugins you want to activate require for this theme
  • Go to Appearance > Sample Data

  • Install through FTP upload

    If you want to install via FTP, here are 3 steps you need to take:

    • Using FTP client, login to the server where your WordPress website is hosted
    • Using FTP client, navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ directory under your WordPress website's root directory
    • Using FTP client, upload the Redbiz directory to themes directory on remote servers

    Once installation is complete, your Redbiz theme will be ready to use.

    To start customizing Theme, in the Admin page please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize

    Please remember to click Save & Publish button after done customizing to save the changes
    These are global settings so its effect is site-wide. These settings can be overridden in single post or page


    1. Site Information

        To Customize Theme you go to: Dashboarb -> Appearance -> Customize

      • Site Name: You can setup and change your sitename

      • Site Tagline: A few words to describe your site

    2. Social & Favicon Socials: Input link your socials display in website

      Favicon: You change Favicon for your website.

      You navigation Dashboard --> Apprearence --> Customize --> Change Site icon to change Favicon for your website.


    To setup header layout, please navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header section and choose one of available layouts. You can setup some other options we listed below:

    1. Custom Logo
      • Use Logo Image: When this option was turned on, the logo on header will be use as a custom image instead of your site name

      • Update logo for header fixed: When Header fixed, Or Display on mobile theme use another logo for fit. How to update logo ? View img bellow

      • Display Site Tagline: Turn on this option to show site tagline below logo on the header
      • Logo: Drag or select your new logo here
      • Logo Margin: Input the top/bottom margin for logo
      • Enable Sticky Header: Make the Heaher stick to the top page or not
    2. Top bar

      • Enable Topbar: Enable top bar or not
      • Enable Content Right On Top: Enable Content Right On Top or not
      • Topbar Backgound: Set background for top bar
      • Topbar Text Color : Set text color for top bar
      • Content Left: Replace content for Left top bar
      • Content Right: Replace content for Right top bar
      • Enable Social On Top: Enable Social Links on top bar or not
  • Page Title
    • Setting Page Title for your website such as color, overlay ...
  • Breadcrumb
    • Enable Breadcrumbs: Turn on/off to show/hide the breadcrumbs
    • Breadcrumb Prefix: Enter prefix text for the breadcrumb
    • Breadcrumb Separator: Enter the character you want to use as the separator of breadcrumb
  • How to remove Page Title Style (Update March 02, 2022)

      To delete Page Title Style from Dashboard you go to Pages -> All PagesSelect the page you want to delete the Page Title and click Edit with Elementor

    • Click on the setting icon at the bottom -> Find TF Page Title and turn it off
  • Typography

    1. Body Font: You can select Font family, Font size Font weight or Font color for the body text

    2. Headings Font: You can select Font family, Font weight or Font size for the heading text, modify the font options for your headings. h1, h2, h3, h4, ...

    3. Menu Font: You can select Font family, Font size, Font weight or Font color for the menu text

    Layout & Styles

    In the section Layout & Styles, we provide some options to customize the theme layout and styles.

    1. Scheme Color

      With this option, you can change unlimited color for your site

      With this option, you can change unlimited color for your Top Menu

      With this option, you can change unlimited color for your footer

    2. Menu Color
      Sub Menu Color
      • Mainnav a color: Set color for element
    1. Under Format section, there is a section called Categories, select the category you want to assign to this post. Alternatively, if you'd like to create a new category, click on "+ Add New Category" A text field will unfold where you can enter a name for the category.
    2. Then click on "Add New Category".
    3. Once selected the category you want, click the "Publish button".
    4. Under the Categories section are the Tags and Featured Image sections. Here you can add some tags to your post, and upload an image which will be displayed as the Featured Image (the representative image) of the post in the blog list pages.

    Now, you've finished the setup for your blog post.


    1. Blog List
      • List Layout: Select layout style for List (List/Grid)
      • List Sidebar Position: Select sidebar position on the posts page
      • Blog List Sidebar: In the dropdown box, select the sidebar you want to display on posts page
      • Auto Post Excepts: When you turn on this option, the post's content will be truncated automatically on posts page
      • Post Excepts Length: This option is only available when you turn on "Auto Post Excepts". It uses to limit the content length which is shown on posts page
      • Show Post Meta: Turn on/off to show/hide the post meta
      • Show Read More: Turn on/off to show/hide Read more button
      • Read More Text: You can modify the text of Read more button here
      • Pagination Style: Select the style of pagination links on posts page
      • Posts Per Page: Input how many posts will be displayed per posts page
    2. Blog Single

      • Single Sidebar Position: Select sidebar position on each single blog post (No Sidebar/Left/Right)
      • Show Featured Image In Header: Turn on/off to show/hide Feature image in Header
      • Show Post Navigator: Turn on/off to show/hide Post Navigator
      • Show Author Box: Turn on to show the author box below the post content
      • Show Related Posts: Turn ON to show the related posts box
      • Related Posts Style: Select style for the related posts box (Grid/Carousel)
      • Columns Of Related Posts: Select how many columns will be displayed on the related posts box.
      • Number Of Related Posts: Enter the number of posts you want to display on the related posts box

    How to edit page Home 03 Menu right

    1. Edit page and find Template use for each section

    2. Edit template use for section on Home 03 Menu Right


    1. Services Archive
      • List Layout: Select layout style for Services page (Grid/Masonry/Gallery/Justify)
      • Grid Columns: Select how many columns will be display on Services page
      • Show Items Filter: Turn on/off to show/hide Services Filter
      • Pagination Style: Choose style for Pagination (Pager/Numeric/Page & Numeric/Readmore)
      • Post Per Page: Choose how many posts will be displayed on each Services page
    2. Services Single


      • Show Single Navigator: ON/OFF Navigator
      • Show Related Services:SHOW/HIDE Related Services
      • Columns Related: Select 1,2,3,4 Columns for Related Services